About us

About usRMM Group is a leading law firm offering a full range of services in the field of land law. In the sphere of our interests:

  • maintenance of procedures associated with the permission of land disputes, registration of property rights on real estate purchases and legitimation of objects as gifts, and with the legalization of construction projects;
  • preparation of documents – service that allows you to streamline the bureaucratic processes and save time of the client;
  • provide advice and clarification of key property issues.

The competence of “the RMM Group” includes the entire list of transactions governed by legal regulations of Ukraine. We provide support to the enforcement proceedings, prepare and protect transaction related to the transfer of property from hand to hand, and create conditions for competent legal implementation of each procedure (preparation of contracts, registration, preparation of other documents).

Our company adheres to the principles of fairness and transparency of the cooperation provided by the signing of the contract, is able to represent and protect the interests of all parties to the transaction and to make it effective and safe.

The right combination of Advisory and supporting aspects of the work allow to achieve correct optimization of any legal process and to guarantee positive result with minimal loss of time.

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