Range of services

Registration of papers in BTI

preparation of documents in BTI

Prepare the technical passport and register all kinds of property.

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Legalization of real estate

Legalization of property

Legitimize the reconstruction, redevelopment, legalize samostroy.

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Real estate Transactions

real estate Operations

Realize the procedures of inheritance, privatization, donation, purchase, and withdrawal from the mortgage.

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Land Transactions

land Transactions

The issues of privatization, lease, partition, change the target destination of the earth.

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Accompanied by land disputes and disputes in the property industry.

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Land. Execution of documents

paperwork for the land

Register rights to land assigned a cadastral number and get exposure.

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Our company provides information and Advisory services for each cluster to accelerate solutions to your problems. Company advice is also provided about the activities of the relevant entities.

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About company

RMM Group is a law company providing complex services in the field of land law. We work to provide the client not only expert, but also full assistance in solution of land issues.

We work exclusively within the existing legal framework and concluded a mutual cooperation agreement that allows you to protect every legal process and the inviolability of the interests of the client.

RMM Group addresses issues relating to transactions in land and property, accompanied by judicial practice, prepares land documents and papers in BTI.

We share our experience in the field of law and send it to the optimization of key legal processes within the framework of land legislation.